Babies getting their ears pierced

Reductress » We’re Piercing My Baby’s Tongue. Here’s Why.

One school firend left school in the summer to emigrate and her treat for leaving was having her ears pierced, so age 9y.However, many parents later regret letting their children get their ears pierced this young.

What is the right age for a child to have their ears pierced.This does mean DD is keen to have hers done but she willhave to wait.The truth is, this is a highly personal decision that can only be answered through your own judgement.Regardless, it’s their belief...

Piercing Needles vs Piercing Gun: Which Is Safer? | TatRing

Well, its a smart parent trick, if you pierce a babies ear you could always give it earrings for her birthday.

On Babies and Ear Piercing – Pause for a moment

Baby Ear Piercing | the Right Age for Pierced Ears

Ear piercing is popular with people of all ages and genders around the world.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi spark debate: How old must a baby be before getting pierced ears.As with most famous people, she endures being talked about and hearing unsolicited advice from strangers.

Kylie Jenner reignites parenting debate after piercing

It is a tradition in my family for the girls to get their ears pierced by 6 months old.But i come from a hispanic background, which we pierce them within the first week because the skin is still.

infant-ear-piercing debate -

Kylie Jenner is used to holding her own in the court of public opinion.

What do you think of babies getting their ears pierced

Things To Consider When Piercing Baby's Ears | BabyGaga

Some would put the event at 3-5 months old for most kids, and also babies are better at handling the more common minor skin infections they might get once they are more than three months old.

What I have a problem with is this being done while in foster care.She screamed but was happy again just a few minutes after it was all done.

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